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Guides, Webinars, and Other Support Materials for

Understanding and Implementing the CMEC Program

The CMEC offers much more than a booklist. We want to aid our families in implementing Mason’s full curriculum in their homes. To do this, we offer:

A live Curriculum Launch in the spring, walking through the books and plans for the year to come. (Recordings available on the website.)

A detailed printable Form Guide for each level, with explanations for the books assigned and helpful teaching suggestions for each subject.

Common Subjects Guide with suggestions for implementing "truth, beauty, and goodness" subjects at home or in group and classroom settings.

A clickable Shopping List for each Form to make your school prep an easy task.

Sample timetables included with each Form’s Program as well as guidance in making your own.

Subject Guides with background information, "captain ideas," playlists, and more for subjects like Shakespeare, Plutarch, and Geography, Artist Study, Composer Study, and Hymns and Folksongs.

Growing resources for each subject on the website, including a collection of curated articles from the Parents’ Review, along with recorded webinars and printable handouts.

An online Form Meeting each term to receive guidance on the curriculum, ask questions, and meet with moms of similarly-aged children around the country.

We aim to provide the kind of guidance that ultimately leads to greater understanding and confidence in parents. By offering our families with an overall education in the philosophy and the methods rather than specific lesson plans for each day, we have seen them thrive -- their implementation of the Mason program feels joyful and natural. This was the support model of the PNEU and is the one we have adopted as well. Our Form Guide provides an overview for the year, our Subject Guides offer week-by-week ideas, and our Resource pages collect subject-specific articles and webinars; we pair these resources with ongoing education in the form of live retreats and meetings in community with other parent-teachers. Through this combination, mothers walk away with the "high thinking" that makes "plain living" simple in the day to day.

A peek at our Form Guide and one of our subject-specific Resources pages...


What members are saying about our resources and guides:

The subject guides and accompanying documents have been instrumental in helping me to teach each subject according to the Charlotte Mason method. Whenever I feel like I'm doing something wrong or missing the application of a principle, I can go back to the guides and inevitably get back on course. That has been such a help! - Jessica in MD

The Form Guides helped me to layout term goals for my students, understand how books worked together, and see the cohesiveness of the program. All the support materials have been a big help as well! - Hollie in VA

The resources offered have helped in teaching me more about the Charlotte Mason method. The subject guides have made it possible to teach subjects that I would struggle with ... I'm very grateful for the support provided and the cheerfulness of the team wanting to support me. I'm able to dig deeper into the CM method but I'm also able to spend more time with my family and less time preparing for school. - Cassie in MO

The term and program guides and the guides for geography, Plutarch, composers, and artists have made my planning so much easier! - Sarah in CA

I was pleased with what I saw in the information packet and though I had already made plans for the school year, the number of available CMEC resources was a huge draw…The subject guides and resources as well as the form guides have been most helpful. They are well organized, easy to follow, and thorough. I appreciate having an overview with pertinent PR articles and links to additional resources on the subject pages. - Jessica in WA

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Or request our Sample Packet for a video tour of our offerings.

Email us at info@thecmec.org.

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