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A Full Course of Study for Students in 1st-12th Grade

Our curriculum is based on years of research into Mason's philosophy and the working out of that philosophy with a diverse group of families in classrooms and homeschools across the country.

Some key features of our curriculum:

Crafted to achieve the breadth and balance of Mason’s programs.

Assigning an appropriate amount of work for each Form as well as ample time for leisure.

Designed around “streams” of history, science, and geography.

Assigning not only “living books” across the curriculum, but also “living things,” like science work and the fine arts.

Reflecting a thoughtful progression from year to year and Form to Form.

Accompanied by age-appropriate term exams for all work assigned.

Easy to combine for families with multiple students.

Offering simply and clearly organized materials.

All students in our program study the same historical era, allowing for greater camaraderie and collaboration among students and parents.

During the 2024-25 School Year, we will study 1400-1650 and the Early Civilizations of the Near East, including Ancient Egypt. We follow a 4-year history rotation.

We also offer supplements for Canadian and British families with suggested books and breakdowns for history, citizenship, literature, historical fiction, and geography.

For more details and samples of our curriculum, download our Information Packet:


What members say about our curriculum:

Broad and Refreshing

"The breadth of the curriculum is both exciting and daunting. But the books are so carefully selected for the subject and time period that they reinforce each other in many ways, making it easy for students to form relationships with the material. The Form Guides are invaluable to parents as they help us see the purpose of each book and how to best use them. I find myself referring to them at the beginning of each new term to refresh my approach."

- Judy

Flexible and Unique

"The CMEC curriculum selections, guides and materials have all been an answer to prayer for our family. It perfectly intertwines and educates on the Charlotte Mason method all while allowing me to create the best daily routine for our unique children and family as a whole. It's specific enough so I'm not left guessing while open-ended and flexible enough for me to make my own modifications … I've recommended the CMEC to hundreds of people interested in finding this same type of approach to homeschooling and am so thankful for this community." 

– Crystal


"Having all the books pre-selected and accompanied by teaching guides removes countless hours of vetting and research from the teacher's plate -- a true blessing. That all the books are hyperlinked to shopping sites is another time-saver. Finally, as a newcomer to Charlotte Mason, having a ready-made timetable is crucial to being able to visualize all the many different parts and how they can work together."

– Jennifer 

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