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The Charlotte Mason Educational Center (CMEC) is a nonprofit collaboration of parents and teachers dedicated to putting Charlotte Mason's philosophy into practice.

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Learn more about a Charlotte Mason education...


A rich curriculum designed around the full feast of a Mason education


Thorough support materials to help you educate with confidence


Ongoing training alongside other families using the program

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From Our Members...



"My children have commented to me that they love the school year this year because we are 'doing so many more things than we used to do, like dance, drill, art, and handicrafts!' I would never have done these things without the support provided by CMEC!"

- Nicole


"The CMEC has made me see my role as a mother educator as a job, but in the sense of vocation, not obligation. The yoke is easy, with the CMEC to guide and encourage; home education does not feel like a burden, but rather a delight, especially since I know I am doing it in community with many women facing the same challenges."

- Raquel


"I love all the touchpoints the CMEC offers throughout the term and school year. There are so many options to discuss and learn from one another. The online community is a robust, thriving network of families that have helped expand and enrich our lives."

- Angie

Become a member to attend our live events in August...

August Kick-Off

August 5th at 7:30pm Eastern

Join us as we kick off the 2024-25 School Year! After giving a fresh tour of the website and walking through our community events for the year, we'll brainstorm timetables and logbooks together and set goals for the year ahead.

Fall Form Meetings

August 12th and 13th

At our Form Meetings, we chat specifically about the term's work for each Form, discuss how to implement key methods, answer member questions that have come in to our Form Leaders, and share best practices and general support.

Get ready to plan your year with the CMEC...

When you enroll, you'll get immediate access to our Getting Started GuideThis guide walks through where to find your curriculum materials, how to take full advantage of our resources, and when to register for our community events. It offers a thorough tour of our website, moving step by step so you know just where to get started.

Our full curriculum is ready for you to download -- Programs, Shopping Lists, Exams, Guides, and Video Overviews! 

From there, our Summer Planning Course will guide you through the key steps of setting up your school year: customizing the curriculum to suit your family, preparing your logbook and timetable, and plotting out your school calendar. This foundational preparation will help make this school year your best yet!

What is a Charlotte Mason education? 


Coming up for the 2024-25 School Year...

Back again this year: our popular Mother's Education Course will explore the topic of personhood and how understanding this principle helps us be effective in the day to day work of lessons and life.

Leading a Charlotte Mason co-op or TBG Group? We offer a series of live online meetings especially for group leaders and teachers, a thorough handbook to aid your planning, and email encouragement.

Interested in learning about how a Mother's Logbook can revitalize your planning or how to build a workable timetable? Our self-paced Summer Planning Course has a set of videos to walk you through setting up your school year. 

The members-only Fall Mini-Retreat in October will give you a shot of inspiration right as you begin your school year!

Enjoy our curated library of Parents' Review articles not available anywhere else online. We highlight a new one each season as a "Community Read" to discuss at La Pianta, our online discussion board. 

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Learn more about Charlotte Mason and the CMEC through our Summer Retreats:


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Video tours of our website

Samples of our curriculum

An inside look at the CMEC!


Included with your membership...

La Pianta

Private discussion board designed to help you grow as a parent and educator

Bulletin Boards

Opportunities to forge local connections with other CMEC families

Art and Handicraft Videos

Video lessons make it simple to share these subjects with your students

Member Chats

Video interviews featuring the fresh voices of member mothers

Composition Course

All-day webinar with hands-on help for raising successful writers

Plutarch Webinar

This dive into the benefits of Plutarch makes great listening for fathers too

From Our Members...

Knowledge and Wonder

"The CMEC has been a gift beyond measure, not just in the lives of my children, but in the culture of our home and the lives of both my husband and I. The 'personal delight and joy in living' is not restricted to the students and only during school hours, but rather permeates in broad and resounding ways to all members of the family throughout our day as we grow in knowledge and wonder and character alongside each other. All of us are being nourished and enlivened through the thoughtful and earnest work of the CMEC, and we are each so grateful!"

- Emily

Family Atmosphere

"The CMEC provides a seat for everyone at the table. Whether it is your first year as a home educator or you have a high school student, there is always someone who can learn from your experiences and that you can learn from. We have been a Charlotte Mason family since my oldest began school.  But only in the years we have been members of the CMEC community have I felt like a true educator.  The humble and gentle way this community has been created and fostered has influenced much more than the books on our table -- but our whole family atmosphere."

- Allison

A Full Feast

"Absolutely every single offering from the CMEC has fed my own soul as a mother-teacher to my children. This entire space and all the people behind it are so incredibly life-giving, and the CMEC has helped me to bring the fullness of the feast to my children every day. The inspiration that I have been given through the ideas this team has put me in touch with has been immense; the support they have given me along the way feels unceasing, I truly cannot thank them enough."

- Amanda

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