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CMEC Membership is currently CLOSED.

We will open for the 2021-2022 School Year in the spring.



We are a nonprofit collaboration of parents and teachers dedicated to putting Charlotte Mason's philosophy into practice. Enrollment is currently closed, but if you would like updates on our plans for the 2021-2022 School Year, CMEC retreats and events, and more, please sign up for our Contact List.

Find the support you are looking for in your homeschool!

CMEC Members benefit from our core offerings:


A rich curriculum crafted to achieve the full feast of a Mason education


Thorough support materials to help you educate with confidence


Ongoing training alongside other families using the program

Here's what our members are saying...


"You offer so much help and support through guides, articles, webinars, community events, it’s just incredible!

I haven’t seen anything else like this for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers."

- Hollie in VA

"The Mother's Education Course and the retreats have been exactly the professional development that I have needed to become the person I want to be and the teacher I want to be, as a Charlotte Mason educator. I feel like that student in Mason's classroom: I'm 'learning how to live.'"

- Jessica in MA

"The curriculum is just the right recipe. I've done my own thing and I've used other CM curriculum providers. CMEC is a perfect fit for me in providing plenty of support but not restricting the way I implement it in my home school."

- Cassie in MO 

What's coming up this fall?

Our popular Mother's Education Course will spend this coming year digging deep into what makes an effective mother-teacher and how Charlotte Mason's approach can benefit our families in lessons and life.

Our Resources area features webinars on subjects from geography to history, as well as general topics like exams, narration, and composition -- watch any time you need fresh inspiration!

Our website offers a curated library of Parents' Review articles not available anywhere else online. We highlight a few new ones as our "Community Reads" for the year, ready for you to print and discuss.

This year's members-only Fall Mini-Retreat will be an in-depth look at art instruction in the Mason model: brush-drawing, clay-modeling, and chalkboard drawing, taught by our art teacher at The Mason Academy.

Interested in learning about how a Mother's Logbook can change the way you approach planning? We'll be talking about Logbooks and other ways of organizing your homeschool at our Fall Form Meetings!

Leading a Charlotte Mason co-op or TBG Group? We will have five live online meetings this year especially designed for group leaders and teachers.

Get started on planning your school year...

Download our Form Guides

In addition to our 2020-2021 Programs and Shopping Lists, which are ready for you to download and print on the website, we also offer a thorough Form Guide for each Form. Our guides explain methods like dictation and picture study, give ideas for notebook work alongside the books of our curriculum, offer substitution suggestions for those needing them, and more. 

Watch our Launch Videos

Every year we offer a video walk-through of each Form's course of study for the coming year. Our curriculum writers discuss how each book was chosen and the role it plays in the program. We also offer recordings of this year's Common Subjects and our Kinderleben program! Our tour shows you where to find all of the materials you need on our website.

...And join the CMEC Summer Challenge!

We have provided a framework for this year's CMEC members to take up the task of pre-reading and preparation in community this summer! Our Summer Challenge handouts offer strategies for making the most of the support the CMEC offers. We're inviting members to tag #thecmecsummerchallenge on Instagram or follow along in our monthly newsletters. Members can download the details and begin their prep work today.

Further benefits of enrolling with the CMEC...

Get access to our Planning Mini-Retreat!

We offer FIVE VIDEOS and WORK SESSIONS designed to walk you through

planning out each component of your school year with the CMEC.

Join in our live Online Orientations to tour the website and meet the community.

Download our Book and Subject Guides -- providing plenty of support!

 More reviews from our members...

Jessica says:

"It's the combination of a real, authentic community and a comprehensive education program. The CMEC not only provides all of the resources that you could possibly need to give your children a complete Charlotte Mason education; they also hold your hand throughout the journey. There is nothing else like it out there!"

Judy says:

"I have grown as an educator, as a mother, and as a person because of my exposure to Mason's methods and the constant education I am receiving through the CMEC."

Eva says:

"The CMEC ... has provided me with role models at the beginning of my homeschool journey, with Charlotte Mason as my master teacher. I feel that I have entrusted myself to her wisdom and to the guidance of her more experienced students. My husband has often commented on the fruits of CMEC for the children and me, and has been so encouraging in my taking advantage of the community resources, even when it requires travel and expense—to me, his enthusiasm is a great testament to CMEC’s fruits in our family life!" 

Teresa says:

"I love that the CMEC family of homeschoolers shares my passion for intentional parenting and the desire not to segregate education from home life. The CMEC put words to what had already been in my heart -- that teaching character is not secondary to teaching curriculum, and that life and education are contiguous. This is reflected not only in the curriculum itself, but in their approach to applying the curriculum -- and that is what really sets this group apart ...

The result is that you get much more than a booklist -- you find a community

that supports your homeschool journey and guides you along the way."

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