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Brush Drawing Lesson with Lynda Nestor


“In brush drawing, the simple stroke or sweep of the brush must produce the line or shape required with no previous guiding line or outline. It requires considerable accuracy of eye and control of hand and affords magnificent training in judgment." (Gore, L. "Early Drawing Lessons." Parents' Review. Volume 33, pp. 650-654.)

Our approach to brush drawing at the CMEC is based on the many wonderful Parents' Review articles we have discovered and the experience and insight of the Mason Academy's art teacher for many years, Lynda Nestor, who has created the video lessons we offer CMEC members. Her research has explored not only the assigned books from the PNEU programmes but also the authors themselves, such as Ruskin, Glass, Lemos, and Blake. She has then worked out their methods in the classroom with students through the Forms.

We are excited for your family to get a taste of brush drawing lessons from the PNEU's approach -- and all of the wonderful benefits that come with this practice.

To work along with Mrs. Nestor:

Each of our 10-minute videos features a lesson from start to finish. Students practice brushstrokes to warm up and then move on to a related project.

Lesson 1 - This video lesson introduces straight-stroke warm-up exercises and simple leaf shapes directly observed. Gather various leaves relating to work with straight strokes.

Supplies needed: watercolor paints, watercolor paper, waterbrush, paper towel, magic paper or magic mat (optional), May Mallam's Brush Drawing (Plate I).

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One of the missions of the CMEC is to support parents in implementing the wide feast of Mason's program of study. Our subject guides and video lessons are aimed a the non-expert teacher learning alongside her student. Our aim in our video lessons in particular is to provide varied and delightful work that models good habits, cultivates a healthy learning atmosphere, and offers rich living ideas.

To learn more about our program, explore our website and request our Information Packet.  You can also support our work with families and teachers!

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